About Mimi

Hi, I’m Mimi. Most of my life has been spent making things in one way or another. Until recently, all of my adult life had been spent working as a sweater designer for other companies, starting in Los Angeles and then New York. Although I couldn’t imagine doing anything else at the time, the desire to make my own creations in a way I wanted, never went away. I continued to work as a creative person and experienced my own successes and failures, all the while making things with my hands at home. As a decade went by, life happened and my son was born. Our once spacious and central one bedroom apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn seemed cramped and noisy. We decided to move to Colorado, where I started this project I call Between the Lakes.

Between the Lakes is a modern approach to heirloom objects for the home. The the name comes from a dirt road near my family’s rustic cottage in Northwest Connecticut. The charming and very old cottage sits on a lake and has been in my mother’s family for about a century. Over the many years, it has been updated to suit our modern needs, but it still bears many of the elements from when it was first built, telling a story of its history. At the cottage, I am reminded that even in today’s world of mass production and fast fashion, well made things withstand the test of time.

When working in fashion, I realized how much waste the industry generated. Tons of plastic packaging, shipping back and forth overseas, and samples that end up in landfills. With Between the Lakes, I work to minimize waste, use natural materials and fabric that is Oeko-Tex© Certified, source materials responsibly and locally, and avoid using plastic packaging as much as possible.