In the Grid Denim Quilt
In the Grid Denim Quilt
In the Grid Denim Quilt
In the Grid Denim Quilt
In the Grid Denim Quilt

In the Grid Denim Quilt

Regular price $450.00

Large Throw Size 54”W X 68”L
100% Cotton Denim Fabric, 100% Kona Cotton Fabric and 100% Cotton Batting
Machine Quilted + Hand Quilted Accents and Hand Bound
Made in Colorado

Care Instructions:
Machine wash with cold water and mild detergent separately on a gentle cycle. Preferably air dry, but can be tumbled dry on low. Quilt will shrink a bit, however I account for this when making, and made this quilt a little larger.

*Please note that after wash the quilt will get textured - what some people call an “antiqued” look. This is the natural process and wear of quilts.

Production Time:
Please allow about 3 weeks for production, as this is made to order just for you. If you need it in a rush, let’s chat about what can be done, please feel free to contact me.

Accepted with in 14 days of receipt.   Please contact me with in 14 days.  Buyer pays for return shipping.  Refund will be made after return has arrived in new condition.


So the story goes… I left Brooklyn toward the end of 2015 for an easier lifestyle.  But sometimes {I never thought I’d be saying this but,} I find myself missing the gridlock and hustle I’d be in every morning going into Manhattan for work.  Maybe ‘missing’ is not the right word… it’s the thought of a distant life the makes the memories more dreamy.  My commute felt like a life sized game of Tetris.  Dodging people from all directions, walking at a steady pace to keep up, but not so fast that I run into people, sliding my body just so into a very full subway car, all the while listening to a soundtrack on my headphones.  This quilt is inspired by the orderly chaos that is the NYC commute, and the dreamy nostalgic memories that weren’t so in the first place.